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Meeting Etiquette

In reference to our previous article,meeting agenda tips we have discussed a meeting agenda and we have known that there are ways to prepare and plan the effective meeting agenda for our meeting needs, so there are also ways to do proper meeting etiquette.

But what is a meeting etiquette, it is how we behave ourselves on a certain situation, and in this case, a meeting attended by the people we might not always get to mingle with every day. Today we have compiled some etiquettes that are being followed by many people, professional and business minded people alike.

For most of us, attending a meeting can be nerve wracking and dreadful at the same time. This makes us feel giddy in a meeting and makes us think of a meeting etiquette to follow,  because we always feel anxiety and have to think about a lot of things to add up to the responsibilities we hold in attending the meeting.

This is a list of code of conduct during any meeting, yes, any meeting, since this can work pretty well for any situation.

  1. Turn off those cellular phones.


No matter how addicted you are in browsing over your text message history or surfing your favorite social media sites, or no matter how much you want to tweet the latest update in your life, the rule is to turn off your cellular phone as this is a major breaker for meeting etiquette.

You don’t want to get all the negative attention from people and disturb their presentation when your phone beeps and your friend or family has to call. save it for later. There is plenty of time anyway.


  1. Stop talking to your seatmate


No matter how adorable they are or how nice their stories are, refrain from doing this as part of a good meeting etiquette, as this will imply rudeness and surely you do not want to gain that impression from the people giving you your salary. Keep it formal and maybe save the chitchats for another time when the presentation is done. You can still hold it can’t you?


  1. Seat comfortably and refrain from getting off your seat and going somewhere.


Yes, sometimes we get bored by the endless time of presentation and sometimes we just need a break from all that mind draining discussion about the current marketability statistics of our company. But we have to endure. This means that we should keep it cool and refrain from gong everywhere and all around the place. And keep your focus and attention so that you will get positive appreciation from your employers as this is a good meeting etiquette.


  1. If you want to eat or drink something, ask permission to get them.


You can always drink your coffee or water if it’s served right in front of you,but here is the meeting etiquette rule, is if you have to move to get food somewhere, then try asking permission to do so, so as not to disturb the people in the meetings and the current presentation. This will speak a lot about how you respect your co-workers and value your superiors. Sop always be mindful.


Learning and keeping this to heart and mind will help you be socially ready for the anxiety and dread of meetings, and will, give a better social impression to your status as a member of the meeting panel. These meeting etiquettes will truly spell the difference between your success and failures in meeting times.






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