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How to hold a business meeting

How to hold a business meeting?  like a pro? Well, In today’s article we are going to discuss the most important tips in holding a business meeting to have a smooth flow of discussions.

There must be preparation to top all of that organizational needs, and holding a business meeting can really be painful as it is difficult to plan and there are just so many things to discuss and plan.

In our previous articles we have different ways and tips in different meeting needs, such as having the perfect meeting agenda, how to take minutes of the meeting including how to have the perfect meeting flow and protocol and the etiquette that must be followed by both the meeting coordinators, meeting members and speakers alike.

Let us first take a look at the how to have the meeting agenda.

One you must have a great planning system so you must plan ahead and do what you need to do so and prepare. List down all the necessary details ahead of time. If you are too busy you can actually plan 3 days before the real deal.

Next, is to categorize your meeting agenda into the specific meeting details.  This category is solely dependent on the nature of the needs of this topic or meeting agenda that must be addressed

It is advisable to curate brief flow of the agenda for the meeting

So the next thing is to send out your meeting agenda before the date of the meeting

Now if all of that has been finalized, you also have to set a meeting date ahead of time to ensure full participation from the crew and to ensure that the day of your meeting agenda does not run in conflict with other priorities.

After having done all the planning and the sending out of meeting agenda invites, it is now time to concentrate in looking for the best meeting venue.

Look for the best meeting venue

Then ,follow a meeting etiquette, This is a list of code of conduct during any meeting, yes, any meeting, since this can work pretty well for any situation.

These are:

  • Turn off those cellular phones.
  • Stop talking to your seatmate
  • Seat comfortably and refrain from getting off your seat and going somewhere.
  • Lastly, If you want to eat or drink something, ask permission to get them.

Next, is know the best meeting protocol, So that, a usual meeting protocol flow would look like this:

Call to Order

Key Topic discussion

Open forum

Curation of suggestions and policies


Topic discussions (those that are not of huge importance)


Just follow this protocol to do good.

Next is, that in curating and taking the minutes of the meeting, there are ways to do that. more so, People all around the world usually use some recording tools such as shorthand, handwritten notes, handwritten and transferred to the computer or directly encoding the minutes into a computer electronics and best of all use smart pens.

But the best tips is to start writing those notes with a smart pen on how to take minutes and feel the magic of transcription gone good.

So these are some of the tips to on how to hold a business meeting in order to achieve the perfect synchrony between a great conference experience and organization. Plan, create agenda, have a nice meeting etiquette and take minutes properly and you will master the ways on how to hold a business meeting.


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