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conference invitation tips for you

Conference Invitation

Conference invitation You are already well planned, and settled. You have read some tips on how curate the perfect meeting agenda, but the thing is you still want to send those invitations out for your prospects but you just don’t know how to write the perfect invitation letter. Today we are going to give you […]

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How to hold a business meeting

How to hold a business meeting?  like a pro? Well, In today’s article we are going to discuss the most important tips in holding a business meeting to have a smooth flow of discussions. There must be preparation to top all of that organizational needs, and holding a business meeting can really be painful as […]

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Meeting Protocol

For most organizations, business, civic, government or other sectors, meetings are an essential tool and must haves in their daily calendar as well as meeting protocol. To address these meeting needs of the organizations, most have their own set of guidelines for meeting protocols that are standard to follow and a meeting protocol is usually […]

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Meeting Etiquette

In reference to our previous article,meeting agenda tips we have discussed a meeting agenda and we have known that there are ways to prepare and plan the effective meeting agenda for our meeting needs, so there are also ways to do proper meeting etiquette. But what is a meeting etiquette, it is how we behave ourselves […]

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